[Equest-users] LEED EA comments about Model Area and the architecture GFA

Jenny Zhang jenny.zhang at arup.com
Thu Feb 28 04:40:06 PST 2013

Dear All friends,

I got a LEED EA Cr1 review comment from GBCI.
It's about the model area and architecture Gross square footage. The total building area in the simulation report is 1,121,319.6 square feet and the area in architecture documents is 1,161,727.32 square feet. The comments said that the area value in the model should be consistent with all other credits and LEED online and/or provide a supplemental narrative explaining the discrepancy.

As a energy modeller I think all of you know that the area in the model could not be easily consistent with the architecture CAD drawings. Although In the footprint drawing stage I was very care about each floor' area(because I understand the area in the model should be consistent with CAD drawings especially when it was for a LEED model), it still results discrepancy in the two area values.

Now the difference about the two area values is about 40407.4 sqft (3754sqm), and it is only 3% of the total area. It's hard to revise the model in this stage, but what I should do to explain the discrepancy. Does anybody here have experience to deal with this problem?  And do you know how much difference (%) could be accepted by the review team?

Thanks for your attention.

Jie Zhang
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