[Equest-users] eQuest unmet heating hours oddity

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You just need to activate the coils, eg







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Hi Everyone,


This questions is about unmet heating hours in a model. I've scoured the
bldg-sim list but I haven't come across anything like the problem I'm
having. I'm modeling a high school in New England. The unmet heating hours
are 99.99%. I've checked the heating and cooling schedules, fan schedules,
etc., adjusted the throttling range, and so on. The SS-O reports show that
the majority of space temperatures are below 60F. The building is in New
England, but I find it unlikely that during the majority of the summer the
temperature will be below 60F in the building.  It's not really a sizing
issue either as changing equipment sizes does not do anything and the loads
(for the most part) do not exceed the equipment capacity. Any help would be
greatly appreciated. 







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