[Equest-users] Replacing baseboard with heat pump results in higher space heating

Chris Jones cj at enersave.ca
Mon Feb 18 18:58:05 PST 2013

Yes, it is rough.  Where does one begin?  I generally like to look at 
the results in the .SIM file.  First look at the SV-A reports - one 
model has no outside air, the other has 10000 cfm outdoor air.

Then look at the SS-D report.  The one has a peak heating of 339 
KBTU/hr and the other has 1200 KBTU/hr.   This could be due to adding 
outdoor air to the other.

If I still don't have an inkling, I will add some hourly reports to 
compare the total supply cfm vs outdoor air ratio at different hours 
of the year.  I didn't have to do that in this case.

And if all else fails, I would then ask for help from the egroup.

>I submitted this earlier and was asked to add the .INP files to the 
>.PD2 files I attached.  Below is the original message repeated.
>I'm doing a rough energy model using mostly Equest defaults and 
>wanted to replace the existing baseboard electric heating with a 
>heat pump.  The resulting space heating increased from 57,000 kWh to 
>147,000 kWh (including the HP Supp.).  From the baseline model I 
>went into the wizard and added the dx heating and cooling and 
>aligned the EER/COP with state compliant levels 
>(10.7/3.2).  Attached are the .PD2 files for baseline and HP 
>models.  Many thanks.
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