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yongping liu lypanderson at yahoo.com.cn
Mon Jan 7 22:02:16 PST 2013

Q1: In the HELP file of EQUEST, it is said "eQUEST never actually models more than three above-grade floors. For Number of Floors Above Grade greater than three, eQUEST actually models only three floors but uses a multiplier on the middle floor."
However, in many cases (floor number >=4) of R&D buildings, each floor has unique functions with specific architectural layout, different from any other floors. There is no any similarity between middle floors. Is EQUEST able to define the SHELL, ZONING as per individual floors? Only three above-grade floors to be modelled is a big constraint for some case applications.
Q2: Currently, there are many softwares able to generate 3D architectural models, Such as, REVIT, PDS, ACAD,etc. Is EQUEST able to import the 3D models generated from those softwares?
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