[Equest-users] Questions about 9.6.2 Additional Interior Lighting Power

Jenny Zhang jenny.zhang at arup.com
Tue Jan 15 18:14:41 PST 2013

Dear All equest-users,
I have a question about the interpretation of ASHRAE 90.1-2007 9.6.2.
Though it's not about eQuest, I think I could get useful information here because many of you are familiar with 90.1.

9.6.2 presents that the additional lighting power shall not exceed 10.8W/m2. For example if a lift lobby has a general LPD is 10W/sqm and decorative LPD is 14W/sqm.
The additional LPD is exceed 14W/sqm and whether is complied with LEED EA Pr2 and how to do in the ASHRAE energy models?

Following is my understanding:

1.       Item a.in 9.6.2 states that:  the additional lighting power shall not exceed 10.8 W/sqm, but this is not included in 9.4. A project with additional LPD 14w/sqm could also achieve EA Pr2 & Cr1.

2.       For energy models: 1)baseline: the additional LPD should be 10.8W/sqm in this space while 14W/sqm should be 14W/sqm as design.

3.       For spaces with additional LPD lower than 10.8W/sqm, both the baseline model and proposed model should be with additional LPD the same with design.

Am I correct?
Thanks for your attentions.

Jie Zhang

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