[Equest-users] Domestic hot water not showing in simulation results

Byron Burns B.Burns at ha-inc.com
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The hot water use looks like it may be the issue.  A 3 bedroom house (#
beds + 1 = 4 occupants ) will be using 240 gallons per day with the rate
you have.

I would look at some of the defaults RESNET Standard or Building America
has for DHW consumption.  I think 45-50 gallons per day for a family of
4 is more realistic.




I think chapter 3 deals with the rated home.



Byron D. Burns 

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I'm a new user to eQuest.

My first project is a small 2 level residential building with just a
furnace and domestic hot water.

After setting up the model and running a simulation, the result table
shows nothing for the Hot Water line which I think isn't right.

Note the Space Heating line does show numbers (from the NG furnace) that
do make sense.

I set up the hot water with the SD Wizard by going in the "residential
domestic water heating" page and putting:

Heater Fuel: Natural Gas

Heater Type: Storage

Hot Water Use: 60 Gal/Person/Day

Input Rating: 180 kBtuh

Thermal Efficiency: 80%

Tank Capacity: 75 Gallon

Stand-by Loss: 2%/hr

Supply Water: 135 F

Inlet equals ground temperature

Pumping: 0% recirculation


Clearly, I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what it is. Has
anyone come across that problem and would have a suggestion?

Thank you very much,


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