[Equest-users] Process load schedule type

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U R correct, I removed the error message by revising in detailed mode. Another error message comes out as in attachment. I have no clue how to deal with...

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you can correct it in detail mode

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Subject: [Equest-users] Process load schedule type

Hi there, in E-Quest when running simulation. The program shows the following errors:

[/home/qspace/tmp/foreigndomain/9837_503271081 at qq.com//FB5893DC at 9DE69243.2665EF50.png]

[/home/qspace/tmp/foreigndomain/9837_503271081 at qq.com//FB5893DD at 9DE69243.2665EF50.png]

When “check building description”, it shows info below.

[/home/qspace/tmp/foreigndomain/9837_503271081 at qq.com//FB5893DE at 9DE69243.2665EF50.png]

I tried to use U value rather layer thru the “Error Navigation” button. But it seems the wrong place to correct. Any ideas?

THX a lot!

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