[Equest-users] co-generation(gas-turbine generator) question !

DongEun Kim equested at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 02:19:13 PDT 2013

Hi All!

I have an urgent question for you!

I am trying to model a gas-turbine generator (CHP) plant per the DES
guideline Opt2.
The CHP generates electricity using "track thermal load" and provides
recovered hot water directly to a hot water loop.

The problem is that  the total electricity generated by the CHP plant is
much less than it is supposed to be.
(I put "HIR=2.5" for the gas-turbine generator as the electricity
generation efficiency is 40%. However, the output shows that the total
electricity generated is only 4% of the total fuel input)

Does anyone  have some thoughts on this?

Any comment will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!

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