[Equest-users] U value of Glass

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Hi Dileepa,

After re-reading your question, I'm not totally clear on what is being asked... here's 2 responses:

1.       90.1 baseline system airflow rates are not specified, they are auto-sized.  You want to first examine the zonal temperature setpoints for the sizing condition (which comes from the proposed model/design - look to your thermostat schedules), and then set the supply air temperature to agree with the prescribed room-to-supply air delta in Appendix G.  Suggest carefully reviewing passage G3.1.2.8.  Also suggest reviewing the last page of Appendix G for passages specific to VAV systems (#6 inclusive).

2.       If you're asking how to observe/review the resulting supply air flow rates for a baseline system, I would first suggest running a simulation, then navigating to the air-side systems tab, then clicking the summary tab to the right.  If you select the top-most "project" item in the component tree to the left, this will sequentially list the resulting airflow rates (among other things) for each system and child zone.  For documentation purposes, the same information is most easily reproduced from the simulation SV-A/SV-B reports, as occurring.
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Hi All,

How can I used supply air temperature rate in the e-Quest baseline case (In system 06)?


On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 3:21 PM, Sambhav Tiwari <tiwari.sambhav at gmail.com<mailto:tiwari.sambhav at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hi All,
           how can i get the U value of combined assembly which includes glass as well as frame and how to model it in equest..


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