[Equest-users] Inquiry about Annual Schedule

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I don't think you can use Functions in DOE-2.2,(eQuest), only 2.1E. I think.
Can you wriye etra schedules into the bae run, then call out a different schecule for a parametric run?

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Hey Guys,

I get a situation when I want to build a parametric annual temperature schedule from variable weekly schedule throught parametric runs. By saying that I am planing to use a flag signal, F in the user input expression. When F is true, the annual schedule will be made up of Weekly Schedule 1, else if F is false, the annual schedule will be composed by Weekly Schedule 2.

I thought it would be a simple by writing an if then else logic 

If(#PA("F" == "TRUE") Then 
   #SI("Weekly Schedule 1","SCHEDULE","WEEK-SCHEDULES") 
   #SI("Weekly Schedule 2","SCHEDULE","WEEK-SCHEDULES") 

But it turns out that when I click OK, Equest automatically shut down and send me an error message! What is the problem here? You can't use such command for annual schedule?
I know that the format and key words are correct, since the msg box will pop out and stop you there if there is any format mistake. But my situation is, Equest allows you to click OK button, but it shut down immediately without any other hint!

I really get blocked here... Any help will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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