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sir please look at the file u will come to know i have written only one shell multilier and on each shell it is showing the drawing of different shell but heading as fround floor if drawing is of meazaniine floor it should show the heading as meezaninie

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Good morning,
I have not looked at your file but from your question you are concerned that the buttons on screen 14 of the wizard read “Ground Floor” even for floors stacked above the actual building’s bottom floor.  The button might better be labelled “lower floor of this shell” but regardless it is just a label on the button in the wizard and does not impact how the shells are arranged.  The “ground floor” isn’t really the ground floor, it is the lowest floor of the shell you are working in.  In the example below, this shell is stacked on another.  My apologies if I have misunderstood your concern.  
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Respected sir
  i am sending you the cad files in which one is having all floors placed on one another in which red layer 2 is ground floor and yellow wall 1 is mezannine floor ,wall 3 as pink as first floor and wall 2 as green as second floor AND other files as individually placed in separate plus model created and inp file.  i have made four building shell components and when in 13 tab zone group screen is clicked i see 14 tab on which a floor zone diag showing core and perimeter  but the heading on the diagram is same for all floors i.e ground floor i need to change the heading of thr diagramm for all my shell how?

 with regards
ritu goyal
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