[Equest-users] Outside Air Flow

Lee Chorney leec at alliedconsulting.net
Thu Mar 7 13:17:33 PST 2013

Hi Everybody,

I having trouble understanding how to enter outside air into the model. As
far I know, there are two methods.

1. Set the outside air at the zonal level.

2, Set the outside air at the system level using the minimum flow ratio and
a schedule.

When I use method 1, I have high unmet load hours for heating for outside
air of 150 cfm per a zone.

When I use method 2, I have no unmet load hours but I feel that I am
missing something because the ERV I am using does not save any energy but
the program says I am using 150 cfm per a zone. Is there
a specific schedule you are supposed to create when making minimum flow?

Thanks in advance,

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