[Equest-users] How do I set Fan schedule To only meet loads?

John Aulbach jra_sac at yahoo.com
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Others please correct me, but as I recall, -1 is the only ALWAYS OFF input. 0 has the fan off unless the setback temperature settings are succedded.
TRY -999. This is what is used in Optimim Star-Stop. It may work in your case.
John Aulbach

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Subject: [Equest-users] How do I set Fan schedule To only meet loads?

Hi all,

How do i set the fan schedule to only be on when cooling or heating demands are required?

In DD edit,   fan schedule... I can only put  "0" or "1"... if i put "0"  then  the system is off and never Cools or Heats when heating or cooling is needed.

When  I put "1"   the fan is always on even when no heating or cooling is needed.

As a result for some hours I would get the fan running when the AC/Heater is off.

I am currently forced to put "1" for all hours for fan schedule...

this ensures   my AC/Heater will heat/cool the room when it is needed. But during idle hours... the Fan is using power to run  according to "fan power consumption" output...

What value should i put in the fan schedule besides "0" or "1" to fix this problem?


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