[Equest-users] Merging 3 zones for 1 constant volume AHU

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Thanks David,

I was wondering about this. The spaces would need to be connected somehow though to allow their heat loads to transfer up and down in the space(they are on an exterior wall that is completely covered with windows, from the floor of the second level to the ceiling on the 3rd level.

Would using a single zone reheat system, setting the second floor to the control zone, and the other two as dummy zones with no reheat available work? Or would a different system make more sense?

Thanks again,

Cliff Andrew, B.Sc.(Eng.), EIT

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Can you assign the zones that don't have thermostats to be sub zones of the one that does? I think you've modeled this correctly; this approach will capture the effect from a thermostat being located in a less optimal space.

You can still make all three zones constant volume for their share of the total airflow.


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I have made the mistake of setting up 3 different zones for what should be a single zone with a constant volume AHU system. Currently 2 of the three zones are on the 3rd Floor, and the other zone is on the Second Floor. I was wondering if there is a way I can join these three zones, or if there is an alternative way to model this system?

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Cliff Andrew, B.Sc.(Eng.), EIT

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