[Equest-users] Splitting a space in detailed mode

Gerard Hazel ghazel at meengineers.com
Thu Sep 19 14:46:54 PDT 2013

Hi All,

I am in  detailed mode with a fairly complex model l in which I must now
split an irregularly shaped space into two. I have researched the
archives and have attempted to follow the guidance I found there by
copying and modifying the polygon. The problem I am having is when I try
to delete vertices in the original to form the new space, I get a
message which  says the selected vertex cannot be deleted because the
interior walls would not be attached to a shape vertex.  How do I
reassign walls to the new polygon?

If anyone has experience with this I would really appreciate the help.


Gerry Hazel



Gerard Hazel 

M&E Engineers, Inc.

908-526-5700 x14


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