[Equest-users] Exterior Windows misplaced

Bruce Easterbrook bruce5 at bellnet.ca
Tue Sep 10 10:32:51 PDT 2013

There is a good possibility you have made an error on the CAD input.  In 
order to find it you are probably going to lose your detailed window 
input.  Start by making a copy of where you are now and go back into the 
wizard.  Work with your copies keeping your current file safe.
For your information I never do a detailed window/door placement until 
I'm sure everything else is working correctly in the DD wizard.  I just 
put the windows in as a percentage of the wall area and finish the 
wizard.  I also keep lots of copies, lol, you never know when something 
crops up.  As you will find with your copy going back into it will 
probably delete your detailed windowinput.  Hence the reason I never do 
it until I'm sure everything else is correct.  Basically a 30 second 
place holder to keep the wizard happy.  Doing this allows me to go back 
into the wizard and keep making adjustments and finding errors until I'm 
satisfiedit is running smoothly.  If you have nothing to lose you can do 
this for days.
The DD wizard is a great, easy interface to use.  You may be able to 
solve your problem in the detailed edit area but it is several 
magnitudes more difficult if you are a new useror even an experienced 
one.  The most successful are used to DOE 1&2 before the eQuest 
interface.  Thisstill maybe able to be done but you have to find the 
problem first.
Bruce Easterbrook P.Eng.
Abode Engineering
On 10/09/2013 12:43 PM, Ryan Black wrote:
> I am very new to eQuest and am working on completing my very first 
> model. I imported a .dwg file to set up the building footprint and 
> zones and have begun on exterior elevations. I have been inputting my 
> exterior glazing using the "Custom Window/Door Placement..." option in 
> the DD Wizard. I have all the windows input correctly, but when I back 
> out and go to the 3-D view of the building, some of the windows are on 
> the wrong walls, and some I am not seeing at all (unless they are 
> 'doubling up' on one of the other walls). I am not sure if I have made 
> an error in the earlier stages of constructing the model thus far, or 
> if this is some type of glitch. Does this sound familiar to anyone? 
> Any advice?
> I have seen that I can go in and change the parent wall for the 
> misplaced windows in the detailed edit mode, but would just like to 
> figure this out for future models going forward.
> Thanks!
> Ryan
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