[Equest-users] Lighting Control

Fakeha Sehar fakeha_s at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 15 11:07:19 PDT 2014

I wanted to ask about the following

a. In eQuest what does dimming 30% light (30% power) lighting control means?

b. Other dimming controls like dimming down to 5% light (21% power) has been explained to provide minimum dimming light 0.05 and require minimum power 0.21 but during day time how does the lighting and power requirements vary with this type of control for each light source? I mean with this control minimum lighting can go up to minimum 5% but in what steps will the dimming be done to eventually reach 5% light (21% power) during day time and then again increase light level when daylight is reducing? 

c. Similar question for other types of dimming controls like down to 10% light, down to 20% light etc.

d. eQuest uses different types of lighting sources like sus. fluorescent etc, there must be some equations for these sources where can they be found?

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