[Equest-users] eQUEST v3.65 build 7163 released Mar 18 2014 - fixes hourly report viewer

Melissa Crowe MCrowe at engsolutions.com
Mon Apr 7 13:19:18 PDT 2014


Last week I did just what you described below and had zone referencing problems similar to Kevin’s, this did not happen (in this way) with 3-64.  Hours (10 in my case) of inp tweaking finally sorted it out.  I had not changed the zone or room names from wiz defaults so in my case I don’t think it is a name issue.

I am about ready to go back to 3-64…..the devil I know.

However I am really glad to see this exchange, somehow knowing I’m not alone.

Thanks to all.

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Subject: Re: [Equest-users] eQUEST v3.65 build 7163 released Mar 18 2014 - fixes hourly report viewer

I am going to try a real "barn burner", something i have had limited success with. Save your file, make a play copy, then take the play copy and reconvert to Wizard. Dont worry about losing your references. Make your changes for zoning, including windows.

Then "cookie cutter" your new spaces into the original .INP file (you need to keep your original file intact, and only deal with "copies of copies. Dont forget to include your new polygons (replace all of them ??).

I think this can work.

John R. Aulbach, PE

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Subject: Re: [Equest-users] eQUEST v3.65 build 7163 released Mar 18 2014 - fixes hourly report viewer

It seems I can no longer edit the inp file without losing all references? Or is it just an edit that creates an error?  I am afraid to go back and sketch the cad again just to lose it all again.  It’s like I never did energy modeling before.

From: Kathryn Kerns [mailto:kathryn.kerns at bceengineers.com]
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Subject: RE: [Equest-users] eQUEST v3.65 build 7163 released Mar 18 2014 - fixes hourly report viewer

Kevin, I understand your frustration. The most time wasting thing about eQuest is its inability to reorganize spaces easily within its Wizard footprint without going back into the Wizard and blowing out all the DE edits. Architects can’t leave floor plans alone, and inevitably, the final interior zones in a model are different from the zones you started with. My bosses have commented on this unfortunate issue more then once because it causes deadline delays.

Does anyone have some suggestions other than going back into the Wizard, reorganizing the zones, and then trying to insert the changes into the original DE model? Inserting the geometric changes seems to be the biggest problem. Has anyone found an easy way to do that?

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I am entirely disappointed with the so called improvements to equest.  Why suddenly when I have a space with an unreferenced zone and I recreate the reference to about 30 zones, then close and reopen, all work to unreferenced spaces is gone.  Also, trying to implement floor plan revisions have always been the worst.  This is uncalled for.  In the 8 years or so that I have been using this program, it has improved very little overall and perhaps taken a step backwards in some regards.  I have been telling myself to make this project the last one in equest for years now, even doing openstudio side-by-side with equest for the building form for many.  It might be safe to say that equest is no longer the most productive.  It does not bring me pleasure to write this, as I will have to do the painstaking process of becoming more familiar with openstudio and wasting a few hundred more hours.  However, it seems that may be more worthwhile than dealing with the glitches and everyday slowisms of equest.


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Subject: [Equest-users] eQUEST v3.65 build 7163 released Mar 18 2014 - fixes hourly report viewer

I was visiting doe2.com this morning (as you do from time to time -- you know) and found that there was a relatively recent release of a new v 3.65 build.  From the “what’s new” document:

eQUEST v3.65
build 7163 – public release ~ 18 March 2014 – w/ DOE-2.2 v48r
• Fixed issues with the simulation detailed results viewer application (D2SimViewer.exe) that
prevented the viewing of hourly results in some instances (all appeared as zero values) when
the correct results were located on the simulation output file (the .sim file).
• Fixed issues with the installation procedure sometimes failing in cases where the installation is
directed to a drive mounted from a network location.

Since I just sent this to the whole mailing list, you may wish to wait for a few days before downloading the new build.  I don’t want to cause an unexpected flood of download requests on the doe2.com site.

If others notice a new eQUEST release, please post a note here.  I tend to miss them.


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