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Lincoln Chua Lchua at tru.ca
Tue Apr 15 16:33:11 PDT 2014

Hi Robert,

The closest Dummies lesson I can think of is a Design Development Wizard introduction given by Energy Center of Wisconsin. Given by Keith Swartz. Its an on-demand webinar. Content below:

Ch 1 - 00:00:00 - Introduction 
Ch 2 - 00:03:43 - Getting into the design development (DD) wizard; project and site data screens
Ch 3 - 00:31:50 - Project navigator: Building shell (office tower)
Ch 4 - 02:28:46 - Non-HVAC end uses to model
Ch 5 - 02:41:12 - HVAC system
Ch 6 - 03:07:05 - Warehouse shell
Ch 7 - 03:24:50 - Finishing the project

Very good course.

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I used EQuest maybe ten years ago. Maybe longer.  Didn't use it much.  
One LEED project that went bust and some Efficiency work at the utility where I worked.  But I joined this list quite a while ago because I use another DOE 2 using software product called "EnergyPro".  I sometimes ask DOE 2 questions on this list and I try to help out if I know something about what is being discussed, so I been around this list a while.

But wait...

Today one of my clients calls and wants me to do some EQuest runs.  I tell him I'm pretty rusty (I don't even have it installed any more) so he goes off to find somebody else to do the work.


So, I am asking this list...

Does anybody have an "EQuest for Dummies" link or FAQ or step[by-step anything recommended for somebody coming back to EQuest, basically starting from scratch installation and all the rest.  I'd buy a book, but I don't think there are any.

Any help is appreciated.

Robert Wichert P.Eng. LEED AP BD&C
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