[Equest-users] DD wizard - newby zoning question

Brian Fountain bfountain at greensim.com
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Zoning - the "art" of energy simulation.


There is a discussion in the eQUEST Introductory Tutorial (available here:
http://doe2.com/download/equest/ ) about zoning with some examples of the
impact on your output of over-simplifying.  If you overcomplicate the zoning
(which is my habit), your simulation times get longer and you will be less
likely to do all the beneficial "what if" scenarios.


It is difficult to say without looking at the mechanical drawings but 34
sounds like too many and 2 like too few.  Spaces on different exposures
would have differing loads and should be separated. If there are 3 similar
offices down one exposure, they should be grouped together.




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I'm using the most current version of equest 3.65


I'm working in the design development wizard starting to lay out my custom
zones.  the custom building shell is already done at this point.


I already have the zoning layout from the mechanical contractor.  This is a
place of religious worship and there are 34 total zones (22 served by HRV,
12 served by AHU).  My questions are as follows.


.         How deep are perimeter zones typically?  My research tells me
12-15 feet depth is typical.


.         There are a few offices 12'x12'  along the exterior walls.  In
this case, would the entire room need to be considered a perimeter zone?


.         Instead of separating this up into 34 zones grouped by HRV or AHU,
should I just create two zones (one served by HRV, one served by AHU) and
show a uniform depth for the perimeter zones?


.         If I draw two main zones instead of 34 would it adversely affect
the output on the other end?


So far I've been told that you can't leave any gaps in the zoning layout -
meaning the entirety of the shell is zoned in one form or another.


If I ensure all 34 zones snap together as I go would it be sufficient or am
I just making this more difficult than it needs to be?


Thank you!


Chris Baker
CCI CAD Drafter




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