[Equest-users] DD Wizard - Air-side System Type Question

Brian Fountain bfountain at greensim.com
Wed Apr 30 19:46:20 PDT 2014

I am not sure that I fully understand what is happening but will take a stab
at helping anyway (which is always dangerous).


There are 2 places in the DD wizard you can assign portions of a building to
different air-side HVAC systems: the 1st screen of the air-side HVAC
definition (I ignore this), and screen 14 of each Shell - the zone grouping
screen.  What you can do in the 1st screen of the HVAC is limited and is
superceded by screen 14 - the zone grouping of the shells.


So, my practise is to: 

1)      Define separate zone groups for different HVAC systems in the shells
definition (if all zones in a shell are the same HVAC system, that's fine)

2)      Define all the air-side HVAC system types

3)      Go back to the zone grouping screen (DD wizard shell screen 14) for
each shell and assign the HVAC system for each of the zone groups in that


I hope this helps - let me know if I missed the mark.





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Subject: DD Wizard - Air-side System Type Question


So I have a building with 5 shell components all listed in the project


Shells 1,2,3 have an HRV system (air-side)


Shells 4,5 have an HVAC system with vav box and reheat coils (air-side)


I want my system per area assignment to be "System per Shell".  So it should
be organized as such.


However, for some reason it keeps showing all shells on the default "HVAC
System 1" (in green text) and they cannot be removed from the list and then
added to the other air-side system.


All I want to do is split the shells into two different air-side systems but
it automatically compiles all shells into the first (original) HVAC system
1.  If I change the green text to "undefined" it defaults back to the
original shell and is therefore unchangeable.


When I create the "new" HRV air side system it doesn't show any shells
assigned.  It will let me choose whatever shells I want but I then can't
remove those shells from the other (HVAC) system - if that makes sense.


What am I missing here?  


I'm still in the process of Grouping my zones because the project manager is
working on getting me the information regarding space allocation (Sheet 13 I
believe in DD wizard).


Does the zone grouping need to be done before I add a second air-side


I've tried adding shells 1,2,3 to the HRV system (the new one) and then
removing the green text for those shells from "HVAC System 1" but it just
doesn't work.


Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.


Chris Baker
CCI CAD Drafter




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