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Omar Osama o_osama at live.com
Mon Aug 4 09:39:18 PDT 2014

Dear all,            I've got a LEED reviewer's comment stating that: "The interior fan demand of 66.64 kW reported
in Table EAp2-4 for the Baseline case exceeds the Baseline fan power allowance
of 61.7 kW reported in the Supplemental Table 1.4".
I have a pfp system for my basecase; what I do to document fan power is that I get each system's Fan Power Demand from eQuest detailed summary (SV-A) to use in ASHRAE Supplemental Table 1.4, and I get the total fan power (Max KW for vent fans) from (PS-E) to use in Table EAp2-4, but the sum of systems from - SV-A - actually doesn't equal the total fan power demand - in PS-E - and that's the conflict that the reviewer is pointing to. I need to know how eQuest calculate each value, and what to do as a resolution to this conflict, knowing that I tried removing the PFP, and model standard VAV, I got the sum of systems in SV-A close to the total of PS-E, but still differs by 1.4 KW.
And although my basecase is PFP system, i find the (Fan KW) column in the SV-A page all zero.


Omar ElRawy, LEED AP BD+C
LEED Project Manager,
EA Sustainable Building Consultants
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