[Equest-users] Gross vs. Conditioned Square Footage

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Just to further clarify, you’ll need to explain to the reviewer why SV-A has a larger area than LS-C. You may want to include a corresponding conditioned area total as noted in the architectural plan as supporting documentation – after all, it isn’t really what the area is in model space that is the determinant, it is the actual conditioned area of the proposed design.

Although the LEED reviewers tend to take some flak from time to time, I don’t think they were necessarily off-base to ask you about the area when they saw the larger value in SV-A. If the conditioned area as designed was included in the other credit uploads, you can probably point the reviewer to that document. (Hopefully it is equal/close to 144,475 sf.)

There might be some debate about whether elevator shafts are conditioned or not, as these receive cooling indirectly from the rest of the building, and the area of the elevator cab takes the air directly from the rooms it opens up towards, if not having a small packaged A/C unit mounted on the cab.


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Following paragraph is from page G-22 of the ASHRAE 90.1-2007 User’s Manual.

“For nonresidential buildings, the baseline system type depends not only on the heating source for the proposed building, but also on the number of floors and the total conditioned floor area of the building.”
Base on the ASHRAE language I think your system selection for the baseline is correct.



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Subject: [Equest-users] Gross vs. Conditioned Square Footage
Per 90.1, G3.1.1 the baseline system shall be based on… number of floors, conditioned floor area… etc.

I have a 5 story building with a total gross square footage of ~153,172 square feet. I received a LEED review comment (LEED 2009) that states the baseline system should be system 8 rather than system 6 (as I have modeled). The SVA report indicates the floor area as 153172 square feet, but the LSC report indicates the conditioned area as 144775 square feet for calculations. Supply/return shafts, elevator shafts, etc are excluded from conditioned floor area as well as wall thicknesses. Is the use of system type 6 appropriate since the conditioned floor area is less than 150,000 square feet or, as the comment suggests, should the baseline system be changed to system 8 since the gross area exceeds 150,000 square feet? Changing the system type will substantially impact the savings as the proposed system is a packaged rooftop unit rather than a chilled water plant.


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