[Equest-users] Fwd: ASHRAE 90.1 Fan power requirements

Kanjoba iam1234u at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 00:33:34 PST 2014

Hello Experts,

 My question might be silly, but need your guidance on Fan Power,

Does the fan power consumption specified under Section and
G3.1.3.14 is Input Power or Motor power?

1.       I am presuming that it is the total Input power based on the
Section So in that case, based on the design cfm the supplier
should comply with the power requirement. Is am correct?

2.       My next question regarding the Static pressure? What are the
conditions to be consider for the Static pressure?

Supplier is arguing that if we consider the Input Power then their HVAC
equipment’s comply with the power requirements and if they consider actual
Motor Power then it is not.

Kindly advice correct method of selecting  FCU’s, FAHU’s. Thank you in
advance on your advice.

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