[Equest-users] PERFORM-DATA-AC Error

Nicholas Caton ncaton at catonenergy.com
Tue Dec 9 16:50:58 PST 2014

As it stands, I think you have 2 paths forward:

1.       Per Yongqing Zhao’s suggestion, proceed in eQuest 3.64 (I would
move the inp file only to a new directory and open that inp from within the
eQuest interface).  You may need to first delete then redefine building
shades as he is suggesting… I haven’t performed enough “rollback”
conversions to be certain.  A test run first with shades deleted should
confirm no other errors are produced.  It would probably be a good idea to
“roll back” your baseline model as well to the same eQuest version, to
avoid any unintended differences in the simulation.

2.       To stick with 3.65, your next task is to determine and remedy the
source of the interface’s instability.  Hopefully someone more intimate
with this error can chime in, because from here I’m shooting in the dark!

a.       Considering your baseline is working and stable, look carefully to
review the differences thus far between the models.  Are they indeed of
comparable complexity, or is the proposed INP magnitudes larger, for

b.      If that does not prove fruitful, you might try iteratively and
systematically replacing elements of the proposed model with the baseline
equivalent, as they differ, until the model returns to a stable state.
This “process of elimination” may ultimately direct  you to the source of
your woes within the proposed model, from which you could update us on the
lists and colleagues could offer you more directed suggestions/workarounds.

c.       If you are still in the dark, using some “dummy” throwaway copies
of your project, I might experiment with some radical simplifications like
assigning all zones to a single system (removing the others), deleting all
inputs of a specific type (such as building shades), or removing all but
one of each unique component in the hydronic screen (tie all systems to one
chw loop with one chiller, etc)… purpose here being to simply explore
whether your errors are sourcing from any specific category or interaction
of component types.

If it were me, I’d fight the 3.65 fight a little longer, but keep mindful
if it takes too long it may be best to just roll back to 3.64.  Time
allowing, you might try reaching out to some of the developers directly,
providing them both sets of models for review/scrutiny.  You may have
stumbled into a new bug.




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*From:* A Ramirez Zarzosa [mailto:aramirez at zeta3.com]
*Sent:* Tuesday, December 09, 2014 3:06 AM
*To:* 'Nicholas Caton'; equest-users at lists.onebuilding.org
*Subject:* RE: [Equest-users] PERFORM-DATA-AC Error

Thank YOU Nick,

No, we do not have a .inp recent and stable without errors.

Putting the screwH20 curves in undefined and trying to run the simulation
appears the Error: 10 standard file writing errors encountered. I erased
the Equest 36.5 and loaded again, but same 2 errors appear, after Capacity

Yes is a full campus 8 buildings, but the “Base Building” modeling is
working properly.

With Best Regards,

Aurelio Ramirez


*From:* Nicholas Caton [mailto:ncaton at catonenergy.com
<ncaton at catonenergy.com>]
*Sent:* lunes, 08 de diciembre de 2014 15:26
*To:* A Ramirez Zarzosa; equest-users at lists.onebuilding.org
*Subject:* RE: [Equest-users] PERFORM-DATA-AC Error

Do you have an .inp of a recent, stable (at least completing simulation
attempts) iteration for the same project prior to exhibiting these errors?
It may prove fruitful to compare against the most recent version.

The text & position of the referenced chiller BDL errors specifically
suggest something awry with the retrieval of the library screwH20 curves…
However perhaps more importantly I observe the eQuest interface is not
behaving normally (for example, neither chiller accepts a CW loop
assignment), and even when the offending chillers are removed, a large
number (100’s) of new bdl errors occur concerning missing system inputs
(which exist), building shades, and zone HVAC inputs appear…

My gut tells me the sheer size of this model is a primary factor – appears
to be a full campus of buildings.  The chillers and associated inputs may
not be the true source of this instability.  It might prove fruitful to
break the model up into smaller portions.



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*From:* Equest-users [mailto:equest-users-bounces at lists.onebuilding.org] *On
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*To:* equest-users at lists.onebuilding.org
*Subject:* [Equest-users] PERFORM-DATA-AC Error

*Hi Guys,*

I have two screw chillers, with water cooled condensers. In the Chiller
properties, in both of them in the “Condenser type” box: is written “water
cooled”. When I try to run the simulation. Two errors arise that does not
allow me to perform the simulation.

2 error(s) found in project’s BDL input file.

*BDL. Input/Underline:*

0.00975338, -0.00005891, -0.00458177)  --

*BDL Error:*

PERFORM-DATA-AC in Chiller 2A FOCS WATER 7240 has Expression Evaluation
Error: BDL Symbol ‘AIR COOLED” not found.

*BDL. Input/Underline:*


*BDL Error:*

PERFORM-DATA-AC in Chiller 3A FOCS WATER 7240 has Expression Evaluation
Error: BDL Symbol ‘AIR COOLED” not found.

I would be glad if you advice me on how to solve this problem.

Many Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Aurelio Ramírez Zarzosa

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