[Equest-users] Query regarding LEED CI EA Pre requisite 2

Kirti Pabrekar - Patil arkirtipabrekar at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 22:13:43 PST 2014

Dear All,

I have submitted the following questions to GBCI for assistance two weeks
ago. However I have not received any response from them. The project
completion deadline is drawing close and any help / suggestion / answer on
this question will be appreciated.

*QUESTION 1 - EA Pre-requisite 2 - Minimum Energy Performance.*

*In this project the pursuant (tenant) occupies two floors(7th and 8th
floor) of the ten storied building. These two floors are leased to the
pursuant. The fresh air, AHUs and the chilled water supply has been
provided by the building developer. The ducting with VAV boxes and
necessary controls for the office areas  and air conditioning of the server
room and the UPS room has been done by the tenant and is under tenant's
control. The air conditioning in the server room and the UPS room are as
per the process requirement.*

*The tenant intends to show compliance to this pre-requisite by following
the prescriptive method and hence submitting duly filled ASHRAE compliance
forms. However, considering the above situation, we would like to know
which details should be shared in the ASHRAE compliance forms ? Can we
share the details of the air conditioning system installed in the server
and UPS room, since these are under the scope of work of tenant?  If we
consider that the air conditioning requirement in the server room and the
UPS room are "process loads"? Should we resort to the 'Special
Circumstances' condition in the LEED Online forms and explain the above the
case to avert submission of the HVAC compliance forms?*

*Please advise on how do we meet the intent of the Pre-requisite and which
details are expected to be submitted considering our case ?*

Please help me resolve the case.

Thank you very much in anticipation

Warm Regards,
*Kirti Pabrekar - Patil.*
*IGBC AP, **GRIHA Trainer & Evaluator,*

*LEED Green Associate,M. Arch (Environmental Planning and Design)*

*...Green is a commitment...not a competition...*
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