[Equest-users] I need to get help to "Cooling Setpoint Control: OA Reset" (urgent)!

허정숙 jasmine.hue at lge.com
Tue Jan 14 15:26:03 PST 2014

Dear eQuest expert, 


Is there anyone who have experienced with modeling the chilled water supply
reset according to “OA Reset Set-point control” in Cooling? In other
words, chilled water supply temperature will be changeable according to OA
temperature (Lower OA temp, high chilled water supply temp). Can you help
me out on how to set up the model in order for this to be working


I really need to model this as accurate as possible. Your help would be
greatly appreciative. Thanks so much for your help in advance. Cheers  




허정숙 과장 (Jasmine Hue), LEED AP, CEM 

Manager, BdMS Product Planning Group 

BdMS Business Unit/ AE/ LGE

 <mailto:jasmine.hue at lge.com> jasmine.hue at lge.com

M: (+82)-10-3576-6194

T: (+82)-2-3777-2896



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