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Try this link to find what you are looking for - happy hunting.



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Subject: [Equest-users] CHW coil model documentation

Anyone know where to find documentation of DOE2.2's chilled water cooling coil model? I see keywords listed in the help system for the CHW model, such as the CHW-CAP-FEWBEWT curve, but I haven't found any documentation about how all the curves are used together to calculate coil performance.

I ask because my hourly outputs show physically impossible results. I have a single CHW coil with 2-way valves. At low load the CHW flow drops, which is expected. But it drops so much that the reported leaving water temperature is far higher than the entering air temperature. For example, I get 80F water leaving the coil when the entering air temperature is only 60F. The heat balance works out when comparing the air-side and water-side loads based on the hourly outputs. But the leaving water temperature is much too high, i.e. flow too low.

For reference, the system has 40F CHW entering the coil, 48F air leaving the coil (hospital operating room), and constant airflow.

Thanks for any insights.

Erik Kolderup, PE, LEED AP
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