[Equest-users] DOE2 Input File Universal?

Joe Huang yjhuang at whiteboxtechnologies.com
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The other thing to keep in mind is that even after you've converted the input file to 
DOE-2.2, you will have to run it with DOE-2.2 in batch mode, not through the eQUEST 


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On 1/30/2014 9:38 AM, Paul Riemer wrote:
> Joe,
> Brian is right on.  To add a bit, most of the proprietary tools use 2.1e which allows 
> user defined functions.  This gives them flexibility to write work around code for 
> things like heat recovery,  VRF, etc.  DOE 2.2 and EQUEST do not allow user defined 
> functions.  I expect how you proceed will come down to whether or not the existing model 
> truly relies on the their functions.  You don't sound like you own the tool.  If you do 
> or are willing to buy it, I would tell the tool developer where you are and where you 
> want to get to.   I expect you will end up buying their tool or starting over in eQUEST.
> *Paul Riemer, PE, LEED AP BD+C*
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> The key to your question is what version of DOE-2 the 'proprietory tool' is generating 
> the simulation input for.  If it is DOE-2.2 then you should be able to import the .inp 
> file into eQUEST.  It is more likely however that the other software is generating a 
> DOE-2.1 input file.  There are instructions in the eQUEST/DOE-2.2 documentation about 
> how to convert a DOE-2.1e input file to DOE-2.2 but it is "non-trivial".  The structure 
> of the plant keywords completely changed as did the schedules and many other keywords 
> have small changes.  The way to tell the version of DOE-2 you are looking at is to look 
> at the .sim output file.  The version will be in the corner of each report in the .sim file.
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> *Subject:* [Equest-users] DOE2 Input File Universal?
> Hello,
> I am wondering if a DOE-2 input file is universally accepted by all front-end softwares 
> that utilize the DOE-2 simulation engine, specifically eQuest.  The specific example I'm 
> encountering is a DOE-2 model developed in a proprietary software tool.  The model needs 
> to be further developed and evaluated.  If I have the input file that was used in the 
> proprietary model, am I able to import that same input file into eQuest for further 
> model development and evaluation of energy conservation measures.  If so, are there 
> significant hurdles in this process that make it particularly burdensome?
> Thanks in advance for your feedback.
> Kind regards,
> *Joe*
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