[Equest-users] Total Connected Lighting Load

Nick Caton ncaton at smithboucher.com
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Hi Darryl!

Two ideas come to mind to extract a connected total:

1.       You could pull the W/SF figures for each space from the spreadsheet view and copy/paste into excel, then pull the areas for those spaces in the same order, then use excel algebra to multiply through and sum the results

2.       Assuming you have only one unique lighting schedule (default for single shell wizard-borne projects), it may be quicker to create a separate fractional schedule that reflects 100% (1.00 per hour) operation all year.  Swap that schedule in for the spaces, simulate, and observe the maximum lighting demand draw in the graphical reports.

There may well be a better/faster way - so keep your eye on the list, but I believe I've leveraged both of these approaches at one point or another.

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Good afternoon - I am trying to determine the total lighting load of the building I'm simulating.  Is there a DOE-2 report that has this info or another keep method to get this info?

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