[Equest-users] Daikin heat pump curves - input file characters per line

Bishop, Bill bbishop at pathfinder-ea.com
Thu Jul 17 06:27:08 PDT 2014

The problem with the input file was too many characters on one of the lines.
I found by trial and error manipulating input files that you need to limit
each line to 80 characters. Turns out this is a common coding standard, orig-
inating with IBM's 80 column punched card format created in 1928.


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I've been trying to model a Daikin VRV system and trying to figure out why I was getting 100 times more space heating in the proposed (VRV) model compared to the baseline model (PTHP). After isolating the problem to the VRV, I found a conversation from March 2014 between a few folks (Byron Burns and Bill Bishop mostly - thank you both!), that basically explained why I was getting the issue: the .inp data from Daikin isn't importing correctly.
I just wanted to say that we're in July now, and this still hasn't been fixed (I downloaded the curve from Daikin a few days ago), so if you're having the problem, the fix proposed by Byron and Bill still works. It consists in to replacing the VRV Heating Curve with:

   TYPE             = BI-QUADRATIC-T
   COEFFICIENTS     = ( -1.85025, 0.0620141, -0.000312822, 0.07145853,
         -0.0003626328, -0.0007776424 )
(at least that's how I understood it and it seems to be working).

I've attached the performance curves with repaired Heating EIR for VRV.

I'll email Daikin to let them know (again), maybe others will want to do the same so that they realize this is a problem encountered by more than one individual

Have a great day,
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