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Allen Crosby ACrosby at airconenergy.com
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I have tried this numerous times and it failed. It does not do 2D very well either. Good luck.

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I tried unsubscribe from Equest-users numerous times. Please unsubscribe me. I use EnergyPlus now. Thank you.

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On Tuesday, June 17, 2014, GOODMAN, RUSSELL W CTR USAF AFRC 439 MSG/CER <russell.goodman.ctr at us.af.mil<mailto:russell.goodman.ctr at us.af.mil>> wrote:

I'm trying to import a model of a building, done in AutoCAD 2013 as a 3D model and exported as a .dwg file - and have had no success.

My process -

Open eQuest, select "Create a New Project via the Wizard"

Choose "Design Development Wizard"

Step through 7 entry screens, to get to Navigator

Select "Building Envelope and Loads" from "Bldg Shell Components" list and select "Edit Selected Shell" button

Click on "Next" to get to Wizard Screen 2 of 25, then select "- custom -" from "Footprint Shape" drop-down

Leave "Start With..." button on "Previously Defined Footprint" and select "- Import CAD file -" from "CAD File:" drop-down

Browse to file and open, then get the following messages, in order…

[cid:image001.jpg at 01CFA5B7.BF799C10]     then      [cid:image002.jpg at 01CFA5B7.BF799C10]       then     [cid:image003.jpg at 01CFA5B7.BF799C10]

Can anyone shed some light on what’s wrong?

Feel free to respond to me directly or the list… and thanks!

Wayn Goodman, CEM

Resource Efficiency Manager

439th MSG/CER, Westover ARB, MA

Northrop Grumman Support Team

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Mobile:  413-822-8528


Arpan Bakshi

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