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On the other hand, depending on the type of model (conceptual or final compliance), the number of air handlers and the number of different floor plates will lead to an excessive number of zones.  I am working on a compliance model with 232 zones, 5 different floor plates and 22 air handlers.  I did my best to combine perimeter spaces into large zones and interior spaces into large zones but, in the end, I could not reduce the number of zones any further.

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I also feel 476 spaces are way too much. I can understand that some projects have different floor plates & plans and it can end up resulting more number of zones. But trust me the more number of zones, more complicated it gets. I did one project with almost 150 zones (multi family high rise building) and later when I moved to detailed mode  it was a pain to make changes for spaces/zones.

I would suggest rather creating separate zones for same user type spaces facing same façade, you can combine them as one single zone each floor. For corner rooms/spaces, create separate spaces. Try to keep it under 100 atleast.

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Hello Wafik.

One question you might ask is why you have 476 spaces in EQUEST?

Normally, a space is needed only if that zone has a unique load, usage, external exposure or HVAC system. Otherwise, it is more common to use a simplified zoning. For example, 5 zones are normally used for a rectangular building of more than 50 ft in depth. At most, for a multistory building, three floors can be used, one for the top floor, one for the middle floors, and one for the ground floor.

Hence, you might consider reducing the number of zones before proceeding.


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good day every body,

what  is the fastest and easiest way to rename about 476 space in eQUEST model.
instead of going one by one then doing the same for the thermal zones!
whats the best way to name both  using the wizard without having any errors?
is there is any shortcuts?

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