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Hello Byron and John,
Thank you for your answers. Building is a nursing home for elderly people and total area of the building is 19600m2. Approximately, window wall raito is 37,3%. HDD is eqaul to the 1937 (for 15C) and CDD is 44 (for 22C). 
I examined LS-C report. According to the report, heat losses from the external wall covers only 3% of the total losses. Main causes of heat losses are roof(23,3%) and infiltration(72,5%). Total roof area is 9767,6 m2 and Wall area is 4870m2. According to these information, is 8% energy saving possible?

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Hi Tugce:
We do not know what type of climate your particular building is in, nor the way you operate the building. If you are in a mild climate (such as Southern California), you will see very little difference. if you do no operate your building 24/7, this too will lower your savings. And finally, you are probably getting more heating through your ventilation
 system than you are through you wall..
Consider these things.
John R. Aulbach, PELos Angeles, CA, USA 

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Hello Tugce, 
It really depends on the building you are modeling and the climate.  Is the building dominated by internal loads?  The higher the internal loads, the less affect
 envelope improvements will have on the energy use of the building.  What are the heating degree days for the climate you are modeling? 
Review the LS-C and LS-B report to evaluate the change in heat flux through the building components you are evaluating.  This should indicate whether the model
 is set up correctly, rather than looking at the overall heating load.   

Byron D. Burns, EIT, BEMP

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Dear All, 


I modeled a building and I want to make a comparison with different materials, which have different U values, for external wall. But when I change U value, space heating load does not change
 as expected. For example, I tried to make a comparison between two materials, their U values are 1,2W/m2K and 0,2W/m2K, and the result shows that space heating load is reduced by only 8%.  

Is this result rational? or Is there something wrong? 





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