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Joe Huang yjhuang at whiteboxtechnologies.com
Wed Jun 18 02:41:30 PDT 2014

This question is very similar to the one to which I responded on 
Saturday on Weather Normalizing an eQuest model.
You might want to review that post for some observations about working 
with DOE-2 packed weather files.
If you want to edit a DOE-2 *.bin weather file, you can use the DOE-2 
weather packer (doewth.exe) that has an EDIT
option. doewth is an old style Fortran program that runs in batch mode. 
You would need to turn your data into an input text file, but the file 
must have the exact fixed field format as explained in the documentation 
in the original DOE-2 Reference Manual Volume Two, circa 1982.  I've 
never used this feature in doewth, and it might be easier instead to
find and edit the original text weather file in a format recognized by 
doewth, e.g., TMY2 fixed field, and then repack the file anew.  Once 
you're editing a weather file, it's highly recommended that the new data 
contain all the weather parameters, especially the four most important 
ones of temperature, humidity, wind speed, and solar radiation.

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On 6/18/2014 12:14 AM, Ben Brannon wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to set up a script to dynamically edit a weather file.  In 
> general, I'll have a day's worth of real data and I want to paste that 
> in to the correct day of the weather file.  This would be simple with 
> an EPW or other text file format, but I'm not even sure where to begin 
> with a .bin format.
> The only roundabout thought I have is to convert my current .bin file 
> to an EPW, then edit that epw and convert it back to bin.  This is 
> possible though this will be happening a lot of times so I'd like it 
> to be scriptable.  Any thoughts, and if my idea works, are there any 
> converter programs that can be run from the command line and not in 
> the GUI like with equest converter program?
> Thanks in advance
> *Ben*
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