[Equest-users] Modifying Electric Meters

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You didn't say what mode you are in. I assume the Detail Edit, since you don't want to change your other inputs.

It will take longer than this email to explain, but the short of it is you can make changes in the screens in the Utilities and Economics tab on the top display within the Detail Edit mode.

It depends if you only want an average rate, or a Time of use rate or a Ratchet (say for electricity) and probably just an average rate for gas.

There is some explanation of what is required in the online DOE-2 manual, and you can play with the inputs to see if the outputs are what you expect.

Don't forget to make  a copy of your original in case of difficulties.

John R. Aulbach, PE

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Do you want to use peak demand charges as per block rates? 

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Hello All,
I have a model set up, but now I have to change the electric cost information. Does anybody have an easy way to do this?
The only thing I can think of is to go into the Schematic Design Wizard, but this causes all my HVAC stuff to go to a default option.
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