[Equest-users] Questions - water-side HVAC compliance inputs

Chris Baker CBaker at cci-alliance.com
Wed Jun 25 19:25:50 PDT 2014

Using eQuest 3.65
The building is a chapel here in Alaska.

Within the "Water-Side HVAC" module in Detailed Edit...
I currently have two loops set up

*         Hot Water Loop

*         DHW Plant 1 Loop Pump (1)

Hot Water Loop is my heating loop operated by the boiler, which isn't anywhere near the building, off-site (this is a military installation).
But I think this is still the correct way to model the system.  (Fossil Fuel/Electric hybrid).
The building gets steam through a utilidor but the steam is still heated using fossil fuels off-site by the energy contractor the government uses. - I digress

For the DHW loop,
I've set up my water heater , number of heaters, energy factor, tank ext R-value, etc..

[cid:image005.jpg at 01CF90A2.E40C3260]

But when I click on the properties of the parent loop system "DHW Plant 1 Loop Pump (1)" then "Process/DHW Loads" tab it asks for number of heaters, Tank volume, etc....  The same inputs I already set up for the water heater.

These are green inputs required for LEED compliance also.  So I'm kind of confused on how to show this...  Especially for the Heating loop where there are no other tanks or heaters.

The only tank on the DHW system is the Water Heater but that's all been specified already in "Domestic Water Heater Properties".

Should I leave these inputs blank since they are already set up for the water heater?  Thanks!

[cid:image006.jpg at 01CF90A2.E40C3260]

Chris Baker
CCI CAD Drafter

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