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Nick Caton ncaton at smithboucher.com
Thu Jun 26 09:05:02 PDT 2014

Hi Kristin,

I've run into this once or twice before (on rare occasion), but never came up with a root cause myself.  It can occur with other input fields as well... If you try, you might find the error only occurs for specific spaces (this has been my experience), so you may be able leverage the eQuest interface to efficiently enter some or even most inputs, then take note of the problem spaces and have a quick run with manual .inp edits to get the job done.

Hope that applies!

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In one of my "inherited" v3.64 models, I keep getting this error when trying to copy a value down through a table. I've never seen this before - and I have a lot of values to replace so I'm hoping there's an easy fix...

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I appreciate any suggestions.


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