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I have couple of questions here in terms of HVAC modeling in eQuest:

1.       How can I model heat recovery bypass dampers that can be opened during air-side economizer mode?

2.       I have 2 systems in my model. ACB (active chilled beam) for 2 floors & VAV system for another 2 floors. I am recovering 10,000 CFM (ERV) through ACB system and now I want to recover 20,000 CFM from dedicated exhaust. For dedicated exhaust, I have created a dummy zone which assigned 20,000 at exhaust side. Now how can I recover heat from this dedicated exhaust. I tried to create a PSZ system just for this dummy zone and tried to recover heat through that but instead it's giving me high penalty. Minimum Outdoor air for this system is kept one. Is there any other way to do this heat recovery? How does it differ from glycol run around from dedicated exhaust to Outside air intake mixing unit?

3.       How can I model wrap around heat pipe for chilled beam exhaust for my ACB system?

Any comments will be helpful! Thanks a lot in advance.

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