[Equest-users] Significan​tly Higher Heating and Cooling Energy Consumptio​n in EnergyPlus When Compared to eQUEST

Simge Andolsun simgeandolsun at gmail.com
Thu May 1 13:35:22 PDT 2014

Dear eQUEST users (Particularly Dear Joe Huang),

Please find the attached eQUEST and EnergyPlus files. They represent
identical cases for comparison of the two programs. The runs are conducted
for Los Angeles. The heating and cooling consumption of EnergyPlus file
are, however, unreasonably higher than that of EQUEST. It is particularly
strange that heating occurs in early morning time during the summer in
EnergyPlus whereas no heating occurs in eQUEST during these hours.

We need our results not to deviate extremely from eQUEST when we
start using EnergyPlus. That is why, I am conducting this comparative
analyses for cases representing identical conditions. I would appreciate it
very much if you could examine these files and let me know whether there is
anything I can do to make the results of these cases in the two programs as
close as possible to each other.

Dear Joe Huang,

Please see the attached charts that show the hourly variation of
temperatures in the system nodes and hourly energy consumption. There is
definitely something weird going on in the early morning hours when the
system just starts working. I have read your paper in the link below. Below
is a section from your paper that I have paid particular attention to.
Might I be having a similar issue in my case?

*"Heating to the cooling setpoint*. Temperature plots revealed that at
times during the shoulder seasons, *EnergyPlus *had difficulty in picking
between the heating or cooling season control logic. This resulted in the
supply air being heated to the cooling, rather than the heating, setpoint
during the morning hours. This problem was corrected by improving the
setpoint manager in *EnergyPlus*."

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Best Regards,
Simge Andolsun, PhD.
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