[Equest-users] Dividing the core of a shell into multiple zones

Chris Baker CBaker at cci-alliance.com
Sat May 24 16:50:34 PDT 2014


What I would do is this...

set up the zoning how you want.  Use customized perimeter/core zoning.   This would likely involve deleting the pre-drawn or automatically-drawn core zone and drawing three new custom zones within said core (make sure all axis points line up to the tee though).

Remember to draw any custom zones counterclockwise!  What I normally do is draw up a rough outline of said zone (not exact) and then adjust the axis points to match up as needed.

After the zoning is setup, set up your HVAC (air-side) systems in the design development wizard.

Then when it comes to DD wizard screen 14 of 26 (zone group definitions) you will need to have One group for perimeter, Three groups for core (or 4 zone groups altogether for that particular shell, assuming no other zones would apply).  Each zone group can have its own HVAC system assignment and you can even specify any exhaust fans applying to those zones in "zone details" button.

Using sheet 14 to assign your hvac system by zone group is how I would do it.

Just note that the zone grouping assignments on sheet 14 will always supersede any assignments you may have set on sheet 1 of 7 in the "HVAC system definition" screen.  (selecting HVAC system, edit selected system, sheet 1 of 7).

I'm pretty new to equest but hopefully this helps...

Chris Baker
CCI CAD Drafter

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The floors of a building I am working on are broken into 3 or 4 zones for the HVAC system.  How can I break down the core area of a shell and then assign a different HVAC system to each?


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