[Equest-users] Mean radiant temperature values in eQUEST output file

Aaron Powers caaronpowers at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 12:58:39 PST 2014


MRT values are not an output in DOE2.2.  The reason is that it uses the
weight factor method for load calculations.  This method is very fast
because the zone heat balance is solved just once, and all hourly
calculations are simply calculated in a linear fashion using
superposition.  In the process, however, information regarding hourly
surface temperatures is lost.

There was a modification to the previous version of DOE2 (version DOE2.1e)
which allowed the surface temperatures to be estimated by reversing the
weight factor method each hour.  I"ve never used it, but I think there are
others on this list who might be familiar with it.

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