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John Aulbach jra_sac at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 7 15:31:05 PST 2014

Hi Dante:

It always helps to include your .INP and .PD2 files on your email to this forum, so experts can help you.

Without seeing anything more, I would increase the deadband in your deadband thermostat from 2 to 4 06 6 DegF. I would also set the the COOL-CONTROL to WARMEST.

Otherwise, please attach your files. And let us know which version of eQuest you are using.

John R. Aulbach, PE
Los Angeles CA USA

On Friday, November 7, 2014 2:14 PM, Dante Garcia <dgarcia at sumacinc.com> wrote:

Good Day eQuest-users,
I apologize if anyone can help me in the following use, there is a VAV with reheat system, DX cooling and Hot Water Reheat. The Hot Water reheat is supplied by a boiler. The building is one floor with perimeter and core zones.
The following issue cause excessive unmet load hours in heating, I figure out that changing Heat/Rehat: Hot Water delta F from 30 F to 20 F reduce unmet load hours but cooling capacity is increased tremendously, also the following warning is maintained.
Please, any of you have go ahead with the following warning?
             ZONE EL1 WSW Zone (fG.z1)            
             might have insufficient heating capability.
             Check that the SYSTEM or ZONE HEATING-CAPACITY plus this
             ZONEs BASEBOARD-RATING is adequate to maintain the ZONE
             specified DESIGN-HEAT-T for the calculated peak ZONE load
             (see LS-A or LS-B for the ZONE peak load.)
             SYSTEM S1 Sys (PVAVS)                  
             which supplies the above listed ZONE, has a design heating
             coil exit temperature, HEAT-SET-T,(plus any zone reheat)
             below its MAX-SUPPLY-T or the ZONE DESIGN-HEAT-T, which
             might account for the insufficient heating capability.
             ZONE EL1 WSW Zone (fG.z1)             has a THERMOSTAT-TYPE
             of REVERSE-ACTION, which, when added to the issues listed
             in the messages above, will cause excessive underheating.
Thank you!
Dante Garcia, LEED AP BD+C  
Tel: +511.253.5355 Anexo 16 (Lima, Perú)
Cel: +51.989.685.769 (Lima, Perú)
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