[Equest-users] Difference between Electricity consumption figures

Singhal, Harshul HSinghal at ThorntonTomasetti.com
Mon Oct 6 13:24:51 PDT 2014

Hi everyone

I am doing this project (VAV with electric reheat system) which has absorption chiller (connected to 1st Cogen plant exhaust loop and Steam 1 meter) and preheat coils (connected to 2nd Cogen plant exhaust loop and Steam 2 meter). There is no ERV installed on the system and there are 2 Cogen plants each 1 MW power. Cogens are electrically tracked for the case.

Here I saw something interesting at BEPU report which I never came across. The total electricity consumption is 455,541 KWH as per this report but when I added all end uses energy consumption (37796 + 0 + 141858........ + 427), total is 464,529 KWH. The difference is almost 95,000 KWH.

Can someone please explain me what's the reason of difference between Total electricity consumption Versus "number I got after adding all end use electricity consumption". I used to think BEPU report shows exact numbers whatever they are after Cogen plants savings at electricity side. 95,000 KWH is a big number.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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