[Equest-users] How to model DOAS Correctly using eQUEST?

冷面寒枪 503271081 at qq.com
Tue Oct 7 23:03:35 PDT 2014

As we all kown,In eQUEST,DOAS usually are considered as dummy zone that a single zone with reheat system serves.But I am always confused if thermostat schedules are required for dummy zone.And I have ever tested the difference of results between thermostat schedules are assigned for dummy zone and not assigned.I found that the heating energy of the case that thermostat schedules were assigned for dummy zone was significant higher than the case that thermostat schedules were not assigned.
In addition,In my project,outdoor air from DOAS is processed to (temperature:64.4F,Relative Humidity:60 %).How can I implement it in eQUEST.
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