[Equest-users] PIU system central heat coil ouput

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Have you tried setting the HEAT-SET-T (Hot Deck Max Leaving Temp) to no
value (i.e. Restore Default)?  I think that any value for that keyword
enables heating at the AHU level.


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On Fri, Oct 17, 2014 at 1:29 PM, David Reddy <david at 360-analytics.com>

>  Hi all,
> I am modeling a PIU system w/ a water-cooled DX coil and series electric
> FPBs; no central or preheat heating coils.  Using eQ v3.64
> SV-A report indicates heating capacity for system is 0.
> Despite this configuration, hourly reports of for SYSTEM, 'Total central
> heat coil output (Btu/hr)' indicates there is varying amount of central
> heat energy output in the first 1-2 and in some cases, the last 2-3 hours
> of many days in heating months (location Seattle, WA).  This is also
> confirmed by looking at the difference in energy reported between SS-A
> Heating and SS-B Zone Heating.  It is not necessarily a trivial amount of
> energy, ~25% of total.
> Have others observed this before, and if so, found a way to fix this?
> Can't say I've tried everything I can think of, but this is what I have
> tried:
> A) Set HEAT-SOURCE = "ELECTRIC" and use a very small capacity both -1 or
> -1000
> B) A + setting HEAT-CONTROL = "CONSTANT"
> C) B + set HEAT-SET-T various values, including minimum (50F)
> D) Setting HEATING-SCHEDULE to something that locks out heating.  This
> works, but also locks out zone heating, so not a viable solution
> Thanks in advance for any input.
> -David
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