[Equest-users] modeling a custom baseline after modeling proposed

Chris Baker CBaker at cci-alliance.com
Mon Oct 20 16:08:58 PDT 2014

Hi all!  I'm modeling a building of religious worship for LEED cert.

Do you all think this is a reasonable approach for the baseline?  This is my first energy model using equest.

I'm trying to make sure my baseline envelope is ASHRAE compliant.  The project is a renovation to an existing building (just insulation improvements, new windows and doors on the exterior).  No new walls were installed.

I modeled the proposed first, then used the LEED compliance analysis tool - which causes equest to create a baseline model with ashrae equivalent water and air side systems.

I then went into the Base model created by equest and everything looks compliant but the the walls, floors, and roof all remained as proposed.
The exterior walls are all still 8" CMU fully grouted with same amount of insulation and stucco finish.

But for a baseline envelope this is not compliant with Appendix G, based on what I'm seeing in section G3.1-5(b).

The 2013 version of Appendix G sais to use Roof - insulation entirely above deck, Floors - Steel Joist, Above-grade walls - steel framed.  You use the values in section 5.5 for your climate zone to specify R-values, U-values, etc..

Manual edits in the DD wizard are not possible in the baseline created by equest (the base model is created in equest after running an error-free compliance analysis of the proposed bldg).

So I tried to manually change the exterior walls to steel framed in detail edit but the layer components for steel framing are not there.

My only idea would be to go back to the proposed, save as the baseline.

I would then use DD wizard to update the shell components (specifically the walls, floors & roof) to match appendix G baseline requirements.

I would then run an error-free LEED compliance analysis on THAT model - which would assign ASHRAE compliant water and air side systems.

I would just need to be sure detailed edit inputs are the same as proposed after exiting the DD wizard.

But is there a way to do the parametric runs on the baseline I have now to show the baseline model in compliance, instead of going through all the trouble to change the construction types of walls, roofs and floors manually in the DD wizard?

I was under the assumption that the parametric runs would allow you to "throttle" the baseline systems - which doesn't necessarily apply to the shell components, specifically.



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