[Equest-users] Removal of Thermal Storage System from model

Taylor Lewis taylor.j.lewis at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 20:16:56 PDT 2014


I am currently modeling a facility with a ~20 year old Ice Storage system.
I have set up two loops, one Ice on CHW the building is on the CHW and
there are two Ice chillers on the Ice loop. The Thermal storage is setup to
charge/discharge from separate loops and I defined all of the capacities as
well as charging and discharging rates and curves and have calibrated the
baseline reasonably well.

One of the options under consideration was to discontinue use of the Ice
TES system and install new CHW units to handle the load.

In the model, I would like to remove the Thermal Storage system and model a
standard CHW setup with Centrifugal chillers.

When attempting to delete the Thermal Storage the following messages appear:

*Child Components: *No Child Components Exist

*Linked Components: *No linked Components Exist

*Keyword  Assignments: *1 keyword assignment(s) exist.

All 1 keyword assignment(s) are required.

No other buildings components can be substituted for the component being
deleted. Therefore all keyword assignments will be reset during the course
of deleting this building component.

… hit delete….

1 required keyword assignment(s) cannot be reassigned to another component.
All required keyword assignments that cannot be reassigned must be resolved
before this building component can be deleted.

… hit OK…

At one point I was able to get eQuest to delete the Thermal Storage (not
sure why…) but in that model the building cooling loads, and cooling energy
are not calculating correctly. The Net hourly loop load does not match the
sum of the loads on the loop for certain time of the day, and this is
reflected in the cooling kWh. I have compared hourly reports, .inp, .pd2,
.BDL and cannot find the culprit keyword/schedule.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to effectively remove a Thermal
Storage system or where I might look to check where the mystery loads are
coming from?


Taylor Lewis, P.E., CEM

Energy Solutions Development Engineer

Taylor.j.lewis at jci.com
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