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(#PA("EXT-LTG-MAX")  + #PA("EXT-LTG-MIN") )/2
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主题: [Equest-users] Global Parameter expression problem

I thought this would be fairly simple.  I have two global paramaters:
  “EXT-MAX” = 0.9 ..
  “EXT-MIN” = 0.05 ..
Simple enough but then in a User expression, I want to take the average of the two.
The input dialog doesn’t seem to provide a way to define this simply:
#PA("EXT-LTG-MAX")  + #PA("EXT-LTG-MIN")  is allowed but I can’t find the right symbol to enclose that expression then divide by 2:
{#PA("EXT-LTG-MAX")  + #PA("EXT-LTG-MIN")} / 2 – gives an error
(#PA("EXT-LTG-MAX")  + #PA("EXT-LTG-MIN")) / 2 – gives an error
#PA("EXT-LTG-MAX") / 2 + #PA("EXT-LTG-MIN") / 2 – works but I don’t like it.  
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I think the Cool Source shows as N/A because the only option for the VAVS system type is chilled water. (You would have to pick PVAVS if you wanted DX cooling.)
Yes, most heating capacity inputs in eQUEST need to be entered as negative values.
For more specific questions, I suggest attaching your model .inp and .pd2 files in future posts to equest-users.
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 Subject: [Equest-users] Entering cooling/heating capacities
We have Air Handler data from a building that I need to enter into the model.  However, I am still new to this and have two questions:
First, when I go to enter this information, we are not able to select Chilled Water and for capacities I find that several cells says n/a and do not allow me to enter in a value.  I am thinking that there must be a higher level item that  needs to be altered, but I do not know what it is.  
For example, in this Sys1 (VAVS), we want to select Chilled Water from the pull down, but it doesn’t let us:
In this screen, I am able to enter in a cooling capacity, but the cooling capacity cell in the E1 Core Zn which is shown as a subsystem of this one, has the n/a and does not allow entry.   Same thing for heating.
Second, when we enter in heating capacities, it seems that they have to be entered in as a negative number.  Is that just the format of eQuest so a heating coil with 500 MBH capacity gets entered as -500 MBH?
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