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Samuel Mason samuel.mason at sa-footprint.com
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Hi Matthew,
This area of appendix G is a bit hairy but I think you are on the right track. My two cents is as follows:

1.     The majority space use is bus parking and bus service and would follow system type 7 or 8. This means your predominant condition is heating to 55 only and any variation from that would most likely follow under G3.1.1 exemption B.

2.     The office space would qualify under exception B as the area is heated to a different setpoint and cooled and should have thermal loads which differ from the garage areas by 10 Btu/h-ft2.

3.     Heat recovery should not be required for the garage as it is heated to less than 60F.

4.     Offices may require heat recovery if your OA% is 70% or more.

Anyone else please feel free to chime in if you have a different approach.

Hope that helps.


Samuel Mason
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I am modeling a very large building, approx. 259,000 sqft, with several subsections of buildings. The subsections are as follows:
bus service area 84,800 sqft with office area 5720 sqft
bus parking area 143,300 sqft
2 story admin building 25,100 sqft

The service, and parking area are going to be heated to 55 only, while the office areas will be heated and cooled. My question is for the baseline model do I need to have one AHU serving the whole first floor, essentially 246,000 sqft, or could I use exception a. to G3.1.1? Would heating setpoint be classified as "nonpredominant conditions"? I would like to use separate system 7 AHUs (5 units for the above areas), the reason being that I can avoid modeling heat recovery in the baseline model with these systems separated.

the exception reads:
Use additional system type(s) for nonpredominant conditions (i.e., residential/nonresidential or heating source) if those conditions apply to more than 20,000 ft2 of conditioned floor area.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Matthew J. Baron, PE
[wendel EM]

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